Oral Sex Techniques That Sends Women Into Pure Bliss

Girl wanting to come moreEven if your woman has never told you, she needs more oral sex. Women always love oral sex as it usually feels fantastic. Feeling a warm tongue caressing her most intimate areas is the best stimulation for women. For them, oral sex is erotic, intimate and also it is very sensual. Most men don’t treat oral pleasure in this way. They want to get down and start licking away so they can make a woman orgasm which is a mistake.You should familiarize yourself with how to give her oral sex ideally in order to make her orgasm several occasions. You will be unable to make her wild if you are performing it in the wrong way and hence you should learn how to do it right.

The first thing to do is to make her get aroused. You should use foreplay on your woman before you dive in. The reason behind is because you want her to get aroused before you stimulate her. The more aroused she is, the easier it is for you to give her pleasure. Some women require about half an hour of foreplay so you should be prepared to be stimulating your woman for some time.

Now you can go on and get to pleasing her once you have performed a sufficient amount of foreplay. It is disappointing when men don’t utilize their entire mouths during oral sex because your woman misses out on so much as a result. You should use both your lips and your tongue on her and kiss her down there instead of lick her. Of course, you will eventually lick her, but you want to start slow and gradually work your way up to giving her more. You want her to crave and beg to desire for things, and so this is why you can’t give her your best right off the bat.It is not advisable to use your teeth, as she is very sensitive down there. Your tongue and lips can create all kinds of amazing pleasure for her.

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Another preferred technique for you is to give her some penetration during oral sex. Clitoral stimulation feels nice, and for some women, it is enough to trigger their orgasm. However, for some, that ’s not enough, and they need a little more. It is where your fingers come into action. Your fingers give her the penetration feeling that her body is craving which can attribute to her ability to orgasm many times. You can be able to achieve her climax from clitoral pleasure, or you can also make it happen with g-spot pleasure by eating her pussy out. By doing this, you will increase your chances of satisfying your woman.

Go slow and take your time. A lot of men tend to rush things, and this is a mistake. The best thing you can do for your woman is to take your time and to pamper her sexually. By using all of these tips and giving her this kind of pleasure, you are going to be the best that she has ever had, and she will have an orgasm from oral sex.