3 Ways To Achieve The Sexual Prize

How to Achieve an Squirting OrgamsIt might seem like giving a woman an orgasm might be intimidating at first, but it does not have to be if you know what you are doing. There are three ways to achieve the sexual prize even if you have very little practice in matters that are sexual in nature.

Here is where to begin:

One then Two
There are two main areas in which the female genitalia can be stimulated in such a way as to eventually reach orgasm. The first is the clitoris and it should be circled gentled in a circular pattern in a nice and slow movement for optimal appeal. Keep in mind that it is a highly sensitive area and should be stimulated in slow methodical movements.
Second, is inside of the female vagina about two inches in, that translates into about two knuckles in width if you were measuring the distance. It would not hurt to use a lubricant upon the first entry as a woman’s body may take some time in order to warm up and self – lubricate.

But then as her body becomes more aroused it will become wetter to the touch. Both of her clitoris and her G – spot will darken and swell upon arousal. The index finger can be inserted into the vagina and against the front wall and it will be pleasing for her so that she could finally end up squirting all over the sheets. That will allow entrance to reach the G–spot. It can be stroked up and down for optimal appeal.

Two Hands

Once the fingers are inside of the vagina and stimulating the G – spot then care should be taken in incorporating the clitoris as well. Allow the G – spot to be fully immersed before taking the second hand to start work on the outside. With the second hand, use the index finger to make small circular motions around the clitoris repeatedly. It will increasingly become darker in color and swollen. That is a wanted quality.

Invoke the Senses

Remember that it is important to stimulate all of the female senses during sexual encounters. Take the time to spray on a nice smelling cologne, manicure the hands and the facial hair, and take the time to caress and nurture her needs. The only true way to reach the highest level of orgasm is to fully involve and stimulate all of the senses while doing so.

There is no perfect way to help your woman reach a big orgasm. It is the combination of touching her in the right spots and in the right way for her to feel comfortable enough to allow herself that kind of freedom. That is why you must engage all of her senses for it to happen. A nice smelling cologne will soothe her sense of smell. A kept beard will attract her sense of sight. And most importantly, touching her gently and methodically will make her feel safe.

But take care not to forget that her hearing is important too. Spend some time saying very sweet and thoughtful things in her ear in order for her to get lost in the moment. Your entire concentration should be on fulfilling her every single need in order to achieve an optimal sexual experience and you are the only man that can give it to her. Take your time and have fun; that will make a truly memorable experience.