Oral Sex Techniques That Sends Women Into Pure Bliss

Girl wanting to come moreEven if your woman has never told you, she needs more oral sex. Women always love oral sex as it usually feels fantastic. Feeling a warm tongue caressing her most intimate areas is the best stimulation for women. For them, oral sex is erotic, intimate and also it is very sensual. Most men don’t treat oral pleasure in this way. They want to get down and start licking away so they can make a woman orgasm which is a mistake.You should familiarize yourself with how to give her oral sex ideally in order to make her orgasm several occasions. You will be unable to make her wild if you are performing it in the wrong way and hence you should learn how to do it right.

The first thing to do is to make her get aroused. You should use foreplay on your woman before you dive in. The reason behind is because you want her to get aroused before you stimulate her. The more aroused she is, the easier it is for you to give her pleasure. Some women require about half an hour of foreplay so you should be prepared to be stimulating your woman for some time.

Now you can go on and get to pleasing her once you have performed a sufficient amount of foreplay. It is disappointing when men don’t utilize their entire mouths during oral sex because your woman misses out on so much as a result. You should use both your lips and your tongue on her and kiss her down there instead of lick her. Of course, you will eventually lick her, but you want to start slow and gradually work your way up to giving her more. You want her to crave and beg to desire for things, and so this is why you can’t give her your best right off the bat.It is not advisable to use your teeth, as she is very sensitive down there. Your tongue and lips can create all kinds of amazing pleasure for her.

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Another preferred technique for you is to give her some penetration during oral sex. Clitoral stimulation feels nice, and for some women, it is enough to trigger their orgasm. However, for some, that ’s not enough, and they need a little more. It is where your fingers come into action. Your fingers give her the penetration feeling that her body is craving which can attribute to her ability to orgasm many times. You can be able to achieve her climax from clitoral pleasure, or you can also make it happen with g-spot pleasure by eating her pussy out. By doing this, you will increase your chances of satisfying your woman.

Go slow and take your time. A lot of men tend to rush things, and this is a mistake. The best thing you can do for your woman is to take your time and to pamper her sexually. By using all of these tips and giving her this kind of pleasure, you are going to be the best that she has ever had, and she will have an orgasm from oral sex.

3 Ways To Achieve The Sexual Prize

How to Achieve an Squirting OrgamsIt might seem like giving a woman an orgasm might be intimidating at first, but it does not have to be if you know what you are doing. There are three ways to achieve the sexual prize even if you have very little practice in matters that are sexual in nature.

Here is where to begin:

One then Two
There are two main areas in which the female genitalia can be stimulated in such a way as to eventually reach orgasm. The first is the clitoris and it should be circled gentled in a circular pattern in a nice and slow movement for optimal appeal. Keep in mind that it is a highly sensitive area and should be stimulated in slow methodical movements.
Second, is inside of the female vagina about two inches in, that translates into about two knuckles in width if you were measuring the distance. It would not hurt to use a lubricant upon the first entry as a woman’s body may take some time in order to warm up and self – lubricate.

But then as her body becomes more aroused it will become wetter to the touch. Both of her clitoris and her G – spot will darken and swell upon arousal. The index finger can be inserted into the vagina and against the front wall and it will be pleasing for her so that she could finally end up squirting all over the sheets. That will allow entrance to reach the G–spot. It can be stroked up and down for optimal appeal.

Two Hands

Once the fingers are inside of the vagina and stimulating the G – spot then care should be taken in incorporating the clitoris as well. Allow the G – spot to be fully immersed before taking the second hand to start work on the outside. With the second hand, use the index finger to make small circular motions around the clitoris repeatedly. It will increasingly become darker in color and swollen. That is a wanted quality.

Invoke the Senses

Remember that it is important to stimulate all of the female senses during sexual encounters. Take the time to spray on a nice smelling cologne, manicure the hands and the facial hair, and take the time to caress and nurture her needs. The only true way to reach the highest level of orgasm is to fully involve and stimulate all of the senses while doing so.

There is no perfect way to help your woman reach a big orgasm. It is the combination of touching her in the right spots and in the right way for her to feel comfortable enough to allow herself that kind of freedom. That is why you must engage all of her senses for it to happen. A nice smelling cologne will soothe her sense of smell. A kept beard will attract her sense of sight. And most importantly, touching her gently and methodically will make her feel safe.

But take care not to forget that her hearing is important too. Spend some time saying very sweet and thoughtful things in her ear in order for her to get lost in the moment. Your entire concentration should be on fulfilling her every single need in order to achieve an optimal sexual experience and you are the only man that can give it to her. Take your time and have fun; that will make a truly memorable experience.

Fingering Tips: Focus on Her Tonight

fingering-499756_640Fingering sounds pretty simple: insert finger(s); pump in and out. However, there’s a lot more to it than that – at least, there is when a man really wants to send his partner into a fit of pleasure. There are many things men can do to improve their girl’s sexual enjoyment, including maintaining proper penis health and learning new sex positions. But taking a night here and there to focus on her and leaving the penis out of it can be a real treat for her, and may lead to hotter sex in the coming days. The following fingering tips will help a man give his partner a night she’ll surely remember.

1) Prepare. There are things a man should do before he’s even in the same room as his partner if he intends to enter a fingering session. It’s very important that he tend to his fingernails, making sure they are clean and trimmed. Any hang nails should be dealt with prior to getting anywhere near a woman’s sensitive area. He should also be sure to have lube on hand in case that is needed.

2) Ask her. Some women may be used to fingering as strictly a foreplay activity, and may be expecting sex to follow. A man should be upfront with his partner about not intending to follow up with penetration. Ask her: “Is it okay if we just focus on you tonight?” She should know that the reason for no follow-up sex is not a lack of desire on the man’s part; it’s rather that he wants to please her in a new way.

3) Get her going before going down there. When fingering is the featured event, it may be more enjoyable for her if there’s foreplay involved. Kissing and caressing are good places to start. Focus on her above-the-belt hot spots – neck, ears and nipples, for example. Don’t cut right to the chase; a man can try running his fingers along the outside of her panties, stimulating the clitoris gently, teasingly through the fabric.

4) Consider double stimulation methods. There are many different methods a man can employ to increase her pleasure. Most women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, so he can consider different ways to stimulate her “C-spot” while his fingers are inside her. He could use one hand, with his index and middle fingers inserted and his thumb rubbing her on the outside. He could also use two hands, with the dominant one working the outside and the other working the inside. And, of course, he could rely on his tongue for clitoral stimulation while he fingers her.

5) Beef up on technique. What a man does with his fingers in there can determine whether she enjoys herself or not. He can pump in and out, varying depth and rhythm, feeling and listening for her response for cues as to what she’s enjoying most. Also, G-spot stimulation is generally considered key for a good fingering session. The G-spot is located one to three inches on the anterior wall of the vagina, and can be tricky to find. One good method is to insert a finger or two with the palm facing up, then to crook the finger(s) in a “come here” motion. Her response will be the best indicator as to when he’s hitting it. Varying the rhythm of G-spot stimulation can be immensely pleasurable. He can also mix it up by rotating his wrist for side-to-side stimulation rather than only using the crooked finger motion.

6) Play with positions. A woman can lie on her back with legs spread while a man either props himself up next to her or sits between her legs facing her. The woman may prefer to drape her legs over the side of a couch or bed. Also, a couple may enjoy having the woman sit on the man’s lap with her back pressed against him and her legs spread wide; this can be particularly intimate.

Best Way to Turn a Girl On and Make Her Horny

wet-horny-1391235_640Most men disregard foreplay and race to the sex; however this is a colossal mistake that causes their ladies to get frustrated and annoyed. Your woman wants to be exceptionally turned on, wet and horny before you attempt to stick your tool inside her. And you must get her all worked up and ready to be penetrated. All of the following procedures include stimulating your woman’s erogenous zones.

– Suck Her Bottom Lip
Whilst you are kissing your woman, attempt delicately sucking her bottom lip. Many ladies adore this. You can also take a stab at gnawing her lip – simply be careful when you do as such. This makes a few ladies crazy with craving.

– Kiss Her Neck
When you are kissing your woman’s lips, you can blend things up by also kissing her neck. And recall that, you can also suck, lick, blow-on and tenderly chomp your woman’s neck.

– Tease Her
Teasing is a greatly capable way to rapidly get your woman turned on. Whilst you are kissing her, have a go at pulling your mouth a couple creeps away from hers and make her come to get you. She will love it.

– Pay Her Breasts Some Attention
Here is the way to touch your woman’s breasts in a way that will make her vagina wet and get her desperate to have sex with you. Lick quite recently above her nipples, then lick around her nipples, then tenderly lick her nipples.

– Squeeze Her Ass
As things heat up and you are getting your woman turned on by kissing her lips, neck and breasts crush her ass. You don’t have to be excessively delicate as you do this. Many ladies like their men to be firm with their bottom. So have some fun and give it a press (and a slap in the event that you are feeling adventurous and really want to turn your woman on).

– Kiss Your Way Down Her Body
Gradually work your way down your woman’s body, from her lips, over her mid-section and then kiss down her stomach. The anticipation of where you are heading (towards her vagina) will really turn your woman on and get her more amped up for you touching her where she is generally delicate.

– Get Her Ready For Oral Sex
Try not to surge in and go for the clitoris because this will more than likely feel not exactly amazing for your woman. Kiss her inward thighs, lick her internal thighs, kiss her patch and watch her get increasingly turned on. Then, spend a couple of minutes licking her Labia (lips of her vagina) and the opening to her vagina. At this point she will ask to feel your tongue on her clitoris.

– Give Her Oral SEX
Tenderly lick her clitoris. Attempt side to side and here and there movements and see which your woman likes best. You can also take a stab at sucking her clitoris, which many ladies love (yet not very many men do). Do not stop giving her oral sex until you have given her an orgasm.

– Tease Her With Your Tool
Rub the head of your penis all over the opening to your woman’s vagina. The anticipation of being penetrated will send your woman over the edge and she’ll beseech you to make affection to her.

– Have Sex With Her Like She is Your Naughty Little Girl
You have made her want sex with your master methods, so you would be advised to simply ahead and have sex with her. Use distinctive positions and filthy to keep things fascinating and energizing.